Mediclinic is committed to aligning all our efforts to support the National Department of Health’s COVID-19 vaccine roll-out. We believe that it is vital that all stakeholders across the healthcare sector work together to support the National Department of Health’s roll-out and ensure the fair and successful distribution to all communities in our country.

We can confirm that Mediclinic will be participating in the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out with 10 hospitals initially identified as vaccination centres, issuing the Pfizer vaccine. While our intention was to begin operations as early as possible we did experience some unforeseen delays in delivery of the vaccine to these facilities. However, we have since received vaccine stock at several of our facilities, with stock expected at the remaining hospitals in this phase next week. We are now in a position to start operating vaccination centres in least 4 of the 10 facilities by Monday 31 May.

Ultimately, Mediclinic believes that we will be in a strong position to support the roll-out with 43 Mediclinic facilities across South Africa being planned. These vaccination centres will become operational in collaboration with the National Department of Health as the Johnson and Johnson and more Pfizer vaccines become available and deliveries are scheduled.

Should you wish to utilise any of the above information, please quote Dr Gerrit de Villiers, Chief Clinical Officer, Mediclinic Southern Africa.

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