At this time of year with many school leavers seeking employment and learning opportunities, Mediclinic is often falsely associated in social media job advertisements, allegedly seeking to employ various staff members or offer learnership opportunities through a number of social media platforms. These claims appear online and entice applicants to follow an unusual application process.

Job Scam

Positions advertised may include emergency care technicians, nurses, security, porters and other administration opportunities. The modus operandi of such scams often includes the solicitation of money through informal channels such as money market counters to cellular telephone numbers as part of the application or training process. It is important to note that Mediclinic would never require a job applicant to make a payment as part of the application process.

We seek to distance ourselves from any of these employment scams and request individuals interested in seeking employment within Mediclinic to visit and for all valid employment and learning opportunities respectively.

Common points that may indicate the advertised post may be a scam:

·       Request for upfront payment or banking details as part of employment application

·       Contact numbers are cellular numbers as landlines are ‘out of order’

·       Lack of interview as part of the employment application process

·       Legitimate sounding names that resemble the company name
        (e.g. Medi-clinic or MediClinic)

·       Use of dated or multiple company logos on official looking letterheads

If an applicant is unsure of the validity of an advertised position, they are urged to contact the Mediclinic Careers Centre 0800 027 547 / or the relevant hospital HR team for more information.

Examples of scams


Issued by:

Tertia Kruger

Manager: Corporate Communication

Mediclinic Southern Africa

Tel: 021 809 6500