Care Expert

Financial certainty and value for money are things that every consumer seeks. When it comes to healthcare treatment, Mediclinic understands that this is even more of a priority. To ensure that we are able to consistently offer value to our patients, Mediclinic offers Care Expert - an integrated Hip and knee arthroplasty package - that provides financial certainty, as well as a measured enhanced patient experience while receiving outcomes measured quality care.

Mediclinic has introduced Care Expert across 34 participating hospitals, and 95 orthopaedic surgeons are currently offering the product to their patients. This currently includes primary hip and knee replacement surgery where, in essence, Care Expert offers a packaged procedure and combines the service offerings of the hospitalisation (inclusive of the prosthesis) and the surgical team into a collaborative product to the benefit of the patient. This includes your hospital fees as well as your surgical team’s fees, and this is complemented by a fixed fee from the anaesthetist and physiotherapist, who would normally be part of a clinical team. Based on this product offering, no co –payments are due (unless this is a separate scheme requirement for the specific option)

One key element of the feedback we have received through our Patient Experience surveys is that patients are prioritising greater levels of communication and involvement around their care process. In light of this, Care Expert offers a packaged product that is coordinated by a dedicated professional called a Care Expert Navigator. The role of this individual is to provide continuity of care during a patient’s hospitalisation, to follow their progress, from the initial consultation with the Specialist until well after discharge, to track care outcomes and reflect these by measurement. The Care Expert Navigator works with the patient to achieve pre-set goals with regards to mobilisation and self-care, until health and independent mobility is achieved. In addition, the Navigator ensures that the records of patient progress and / or changes in health status are reflected back to nursing staff and the specialists.

Andre Viljoen, Strategy Execution Executive for Mediclinic Southern Africa, explains the value of Care Expert for the patient. “We are looking to create a smooth patient experience, empowering the patient to be part of the process by providing continual feedback through consistent discussions around care. To date, patients who have experienced the Care Expert product can’t thank the surgeons and hospital staff enough for making what is a very daunting experience, much more manageable for them. ” Further value for the patient is the single, transparent fee that is set for the procedure – removing all the financial uncertainty such a procedure may carry.

“From a clinical perspective, the product’s key differentiator allows for the collection of clinical data and the measurement of outcomes through these collaborative efforts, providing greater insights into the best treatment solutions for our patients. In partnership with our service providers, through this and other integrated services, Mediclinic will continue on our journey to offer better value and clinical outcomes to our patients,” concludes Andre Viljoen.