Our purpose is to provide Renal Care services with a difference.

Our Vision

  • To be the Renal care provider of choice that each individual can trust for all their Renal care needs.
  • To provide the highest clinical care with improved patient based outcomes 

Our Purpose

Client Centred

  • Determining client needs
  • Involving clients in decisions that affect them by ensuring transparency and continuous education and communication
  • Involving clients and their families in decisions that affect them by offering patient/family support groups to ensure maximum involvement resulting in improved treatment compliance
  • Providing an environment that is aesthetically appealing for improved client comfort
  • Actively managing client experiences
  • Delivering on commitments

Trusting and Respectful

  • Treating others with courtesy, kindness and empathy
  • Embracing diversity
  • Providing and welcoming feedback
  • Respecting privacy

Client Safety Focused

  • Prioritising patient safety
  • Identifying and managing client safety risks
  • Involving clients in improving their safety
  • Accurately recording and securely storing patient information

Performance Driven

  • Setting objectives and measuring progress
  • Honouring decisions
  • Addressing challenges, complaints and inefficiencies
  • Being accountable and decisive

Team Orientated

  • Supporting colleagues
  • Collaborating to enable problem solving and decision making
  • Encouraging team spirit
  • Ensuring continuous development through formal and informal training
  • Creating opportunities for all colleagues to express opinions and share ideas