An app for everything a mom needs during her pregnancy.

The Mediclinic Baby App is everything a soon-to-be mom needs before, during, and after her pregnancy. From comprehensive information on mother and baby to features that help track your progress during each stage of your pregnancy and baby's first year, Mediclinic Baby will be with you every step of the way.


  • Weekly updates provide detailed information on both mother and baby as the pregnancy progresses.
  • Ovulation calculator for users that are in the planning and conception phase.
  • To do list allows you to keep track of important events for that particular week of your pregnancy or postnatal journey.
  • Clinically approved resources such as your hospital stay guide, baby's first year booklet, what to pack for hospital guide, and many more.
  • Bumpie Reel tool will allow the user to create wonderful memories by capturing a special moment, selecting one of the audio tracks, and the option to share with friends and family via social media.
  • Mood tracker allows the user to track her moods during her journey, including journal entries for that particular day.
  • Introduction to antenatal course will allow the user a snapshot of the content that will be shared with them during an antenatal course, including relevant articles and videos.
  • A webinar diary detailing all the upcoming webinars and a quick link to booking.
  • Weekly polls to see what other women on the app think about specific issues.

The new and improved version of our popular Mediclinic Baby App for iOS and Android is here.