Mediclinic Southern Africa (‘Mediclinic’) notes the findings from a comprehensive independent forensic investigation conducted by ENSafrica, one of South Africa’s leading legal and forensic practices, into anonymous allegations made regarding billing irregularities at Mediclinic.

Mediclinic is encouraged by the forensic investigation’s conclusions that there is no intentional practice of manipulating billing or coding at a hospital or group level, and that there has been no evidence reflecting a culture of victimization.

As previously communicated, Mediclinic appointed ENSafrica to conduct a comprehensive independent forensic investigation to determine the facts surrounding allegations made against Mediclinic on 22 August 2023. Mediclinic provided ENSafrica with unfettered access to investigate and determine whether there was any substance to the allegations made against the named Mediclinic hospitals and ENSafrica randomly selected a further six hospitals to test for billing irregularities. As a result, the scope of the investigation was comprehensive and included interviews with Mediclinic staff, and a review of more than 120 000 emails and documents.

ENSafrica’s investigation confirmed:

  • Mediclinic is an ethical organisation with sound controls and governance in the billing environment;
  • There is no evidence of an intentional practice of manipulating billing or coding;
  • There are neither incentives nor direct financial benefits which could encourage Mediclinic and its staff to undertake account manipulation.

Since the beginning of the forensic investigation, Mediclinic has been fully committed to taking the investigation’s results seriously. It is noteworthy that no systemic issues were found by ENSafrica and where areas for improvement were identified, they are being addressed.

Mediclinic treats more than 500,000 patients per year and prides itself on the level of care and service that it offers throughout Southern Africa. The company remains committed to operating in an ethical and responsible manner. Its priority remains ensuring the welfare and trust of staff, patients and business partners, and pursuing its purpose of enhancing the quality of life.

Steven Powell, ENSafrica said:

‘ENSafrica was very satisfied with the level of access Mediclinic provided to allow us to conduct a thorough investigation into the anonymous allegations.

‘The processes we investigated are complex and we found no evidence of an intentional practice of manipulating billing or coding at a group or hospital level. This is supported by the existence of multiple checks and balances on billing practices.

‘We concluded that Mediclinic is an ethical organisation, which has a commitment to good governance as well as continuous improvement.’

Greg van Wyk, CEO of Mediclinic Southern Africa commented:

‘We welcome the results of ENSafrica’s independent forensic investigation.

‘Our systems and culture have been rigorously tested throughout this process. The report is clear that the investigation found no evidence of systemic concerns and we are reassured by the outcome.

‘Mediclinic has good systems and controls in place to enable sound and ethical business practices. We remain committed to continuous improvement and acting on the learnings identified.

‘I would like to thank ENSafrica for their thorough investigation as well as our staff who have provided the forensic investigators with their time and necessary access to relevant documentation and data.’



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