Mediclinic recognises that there has been a noticeable increase in the number of people seeking out information on whether or not they should be tested for COVID-19. This has placed strain on a number of healthcare facilities.

To ensure that only the appropriate individuals undergo testing, Mediclinic has a useful online screening tool to assess the need for testing. The survey identifies key symptoms and areas of exposure, and will identify whether the person taking the assessment actually fulfils the criteria for testing.

If it is indicated that you or a family member need to go for a test for COVID-19, please contact your medical practitioner or nearest medical facility. Should you visit any medical practitioner or hospital, you will undergo a screen to determine your need for testing.

If no test is required, the healthcare worker will provide relevant advice. Where a test is required, a decision will then be made on whether to admit the patient or send them home for self-isolation until the results of the test are known. Please adhere to all medical advice presented by the team during the time of the assessment.

During a worldwide pandemic such as this, it is important to note that key diagnostic tools, such as the COVID-19 test kits, are in very limited supply. For this reason, the abovementioned screening process is an essential part of ensuring that patients receive the most appropriate treatment and that those in the greatest need are prioritised.

Mediclinic would like to emphasise that everyone within the healthcare sector is working together to fight the pandemic. We encourage communities to adhere to the social distancing efforts and only present for medical care where it is deemed necessary, allowing healthcare workers to focus on the areas of greatest need. 

For further information please contact:

Mediclinic Southern Africa

Tertia Kruger: Corporate Communication Manager Email:
Tel: 021 809 6500