Mediclinic Cape Gate Day Clinic will begin operations on 1 September 2020. This will be Mediclinic Southern Africa’s seventh clinic focusing exclusively on same day surgery. Concentrating only on minor surgical procedures will enable Mediclinic Cape Gate Day Clinic to be particularly streamlined, efficient as well as cost-effective, without compromising on the high clinical standards of the main hospital.

“We are excited to open the much awaited day clinic for our community. It has been a challenging period while the country has fought COVID-19, but we recognise that our community has put off essential medical care in order to reduce the pressure on facilities. Mediclinic Cape Gate Day Clinic is now ready to assist with these medical needs and has taken extensive measures to ensure the safety of our patients, staff and doctors,” explains Willie Kruger Mediclinic Southern Africa Operations Executive: Western Cape Inland Region.

According to Mediclinic Cape Gate Hospital General Manager Carol Defty, “The day clinic will act as a non-Covid unit with patients being tested before coming in for their elective procedures. In addition, there is screening on admission and our staff have all been equipped with the necessary PPE to ensure that we are able to safely care for all our patients, whatever their medical needs. All patients are also required to wear masks and maintain social distancing within the day clinic.”

“We truly believe that this day clinic will provide the Brackenfell community with broader access to safe, stream-lined private medical care,” continues Defty. “Day case surgery refers to patients undergoing planned, non-emergency surgical procedures that are admitted and discharged on the day of surgery.” Examples of typical day surgery include ear, nose and throat surgery such as a tonsillectomy (removal of the tonsils) as well as facial and oral surgery, such as wisdom tooth extraction and dermatological procedures. Further examples of possible day procedures include general surgery, orthopaedic-, ophthalmology- and gynaecological cases.

“With our everyday changing world, demanding faster and more efficient services, we are delighted to announce that the Mediclinic Cape Gate Day Clinic is now open,” says Dr Allie du Toit, Orthopaedic Surgeon. “The day clinic offers streamlined service delivery. In orthopaedic surgery, as in many other surgical fields, there are multiple procedures that can be done within a day clinic. I will be offering arthroscopic (keyhole) on the knee and shoulder surgery, small debridement (washout) procedures as well as larger ligament and muscle repairs. Our patients are also able to undergo other smaller procedures such as carpal tunnel release, ganglionectomy within the day clinic environment. Within the near future we see more invasive operations like total shoulder replacements, which will also be possible within the day clinic.”

Dr Joggie Stander, urologist, will also be performing surgeries in Mediclinic Cape Gate Day Clinic. “Much has changed in the world in the past few months but one of the things that has not changed is the importance for patients to look after their health. Many patients have been apprehensive about seeking medical attention for longstanding problems, going for their regular follow-ups or even getting new symptoms checked out. I want to assure patients that now more than ever, they should be following up with their local General Practitioners and going for their regular Specialist appointments. This will help to prevent potential problems down the line if care was delayed.” He continues, “I want my patients to know that I am here for them and they do not need to be concerned as all COVID-19 principles are followed in my rooms and the hospital. Staying healthy and getting the appropriate healthcare in these times is very important.” 

Mediclinic Cape Gate Day Clinic will offer two fully equipped theatres with specialised staff catering to non-acute procedures. The flow of the day clinic is enhanced by the new cubicle design, which offers patients ample time for patients to recover in privacy, before they are safely discharged. 

The cubicle design allows elements such as patient privacy to be optimised while at the same time improving ease of access for nurses and doctors involved in the care. The layout of the cubicles also offers nurses a full view of patients before and after surgery. 

The day clinic, co-located on the premises of the Mediclinic Cape Gate on the corner of Okavango Avenue & Tanner Street, predominantly serves people residing in and around Brackenfell and the greater Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.  

Defty explains that the services of the day clinic are based on the needs of the public. “Our unrelenting focus on patient care will continue within this day clinic where patients will receive the same quality care and expertise they are accustomed to from Mediclinic. 

“As simple, speedy and easy access will be the order of the day, patients will have the added advantage of knowing their exact date and time of admission, as well as expected theatre and discharge times. The client therefore experiences little or no waiting periods before and after surgery, because everything will be carefully pre-arranged. Coupled with the fact that services are offered in a friendly, non-threatening environment with well-trained staff, it can only ease the patient’s stress levels while focusing on recovery,” she explains. 

According to Mediclinic Southern Africa’s Operations Manager: Day Clinics, Pieter Lotz, the day clinic will offer a convenient, efficient and lean-cost facility to patients, without compromising on quality healthcare. 

“Doctors will, for instance, still be involved in thorough pre-operative assessments to eliminate risks and complications for the patients during and after medical procedures,” he assures.  


For further information on Mediclinic Cape Gate Day Clinic, please contact: 

Susan van Wyk 

Day Clinic Manager  

Tel: (021) 983 6000 



Madali Groenewald 

Patient Experience Manager 

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Carol Defty  

Hospital General Manager – Mediclinic Cape Gate Tel: 021 983 5800 



For media enquiries, please contact: 

Tertia Kruger 

Corporate Communication Manager, Mediclinic Southern Africa Tel 012 809 6500