In the first few weeks of life, closeness and physical contact are extremely important for your baby. Make sure you cuddle your baby often, or simply hold him or her in your arms. Nappy changing and bath times are a good opportunity for stroking or giving baby a massage. At two to three months, your baby will begin to show an interest in toys. A mobile placed over the cot or cradle is a particularly suitable toy, so are so-called 'activity centres' which offer various playing possibilities aimed at developing motor skills. Your baby will also love to play with simple household objects.

Babies love it when you speak or sing to them. Their speech development is significantly influenced in the first half year of life, so don't be shy about the "baby language" that you may find yourself automatically adopting, babies enjoy the bright and friendly intonation and the repetition of syllables and words helps with recognition and learning.

Babies can also show great interest in music, the louder and more rhythmical the better! You can encourage your child's musical sense by dancing, rocking in time and clapping. Baby will soon start joining in, clapping, making noises and shaking a rattle or banging objects together.

Try to spend as much time as possible outdoors with your baby. Both parents and baby will benefit from walks outside and the enjoyment of nature.