Your baby's skin is very sensitive and can be easily irritated. Baby skin contains less fat, because the sebaceous glands are not yet fully functional, so it dries out more quickly when affected by the elements, or after washing.

For your baby's daily hygiene, wash his or her face (not forgetting the eyes, nose and ears) and the nappy area, in clear water and without soap. Avoid excessive use of moist towels, as they contain additives that can unnecessarily irritate sensitive skin. Do not use perfumed or foaming bath products and take particular care when choosing soaps and shampoos. Always check the ingredients and suitability of products. As a rule, plant-based, soap free products are best.

If your baby is afraid of, or resists having a bath, you can try swaddling him or her in a small towel first, gradually removing it during the bath.

After bathing, you can apply baby skincare cream to help support the natural skin processes. It is recommended that you only use the products that are free from preservatives and artificial perfumes. If your baby has a particularly dry skin, your paediatrician can prescribe a medicinal skincare cream.

The Mediclinic Baby programme provides an information DVD to demonstrate the bathing of a newborn baby. For more information, or to order a copy of the DVD, email