To make sure you feel comfortable travelling with your baby it's a good idea to plan trips or holidays well in advance. When choosing a holiday destination think about your baby's needs as well as your own. You will need to take the climate and hygiene standard of your destination into account and the medical services available. It's also best to keep journeys as short and comfortable as possible.

If you choose a beach holiday, be careful to avoid high temperatures, which can place undue pressure on baby's circulatory system.

It is advisable to stay in the shade between 11:00 and 15:00 and visit the beach during cooler times, such as the morning or late afternoon. You should also make sure your baby is adequately protected from the sun at all times.

Travelling by car

Try to avoid roads that are prone to traffic jams and stop regularly to have a break (at least every two hours). Be mindful of the temperature inside the car, as high temperatures can cause sunstroke and draughts from open windows or air conditioners cal lead to colds. You might consider travelling during the night for part of your journey, allowing your baby to sleep through the travel.

Air travel

Travelling by plane is particularly suitable for babies under two years of age and is often free of charge on package tours. Your child will not be entitled to his or her own seat and will need to be held in your lap during take-off and landing. You are advised to reserve a set with adequate leg room well in advance.

To counteract the pressure created during take-off and landing it is best to breastfeed your baby or allow him or her to suckle. It is a good idea to carr a First Aid Kit when you travel.