It’s difficult to imagine a child or teenager having to deal with the realities of diabetes and yet for many families that is their reality.

In this episode, Dr Darren Green speaks to Paediatrician Dr Lerato Motjale about the critical aspects of managing diabetes in young children, emphasising the distinction between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition, while Type 2 is hereditary and can be influenced by lifestyle factors.

You’ll hear expert insights into managing diabetic children, emphasising the role of a supportive diabetes team, including primary doctors, diabetes nurses, and dieticians. It can be a real challenge managing diabetes in school, so you’ll find out more about the need for teacher education and the importance of having a glucose-rich emergency kit available for children. If you’re a parent of a diabetic or have a diabetic child in your life, then this episode will be educational and encouraging.

Some notable moments:

[00:00:27]: Types of Diabetes

[00:01:41]: Symptoms of Type 1 diabetes in children

[00:04:40]: Managing a child with diabetes from a parent’s perspective

 [00:06:06]: What role does a paediatrician play in a child’s diagnosis

[00:12:41]: The role a school plays in assisting your child who has diabetes

[00:13:58]: Managing hypo’s in children can be challenging

[00:22:00]: How puberty affects a child with diabetes

[00:23:47]: Making use of support centres such as diabetes camps