According to the International Diabetes Federation 10% of people with diabetes are living with Type 1.

In this episode we highlight the complexities of living with Type 1 diabetes, including the need for daily insulin injections, the challenges of maintaining stable blood glucose levels, and the mental health challenges faced by people with Type 1.

Dr Marius Wasserfall, a specialist physician in private practice at Mediclinic Panorama, joins podcast host, Dr Darren Green to provide us with insights into the causes of Type 1 diabetes, its management, and the role of technology in monitoring and controlling blood glucose levels. Find out why family support is so critical for Type 1 diabetics and the keys to following a holistic approach in the treatment of this condition.

Some notable moments:

[00:05:06]: Causes of Type 1 diabetes

[00:09:50 ]: Technology in diabetes management

[00:13:47]: Importance of family support

[00:14:34]: Understanding diabetes burnout

[00:16:19]: More thoughts on the use of technology in diabetes

[00:24:54]: Diabetes and mental health