What is gestational diabetes? And how does it happen?

In this episode podcast host, Dr Darren Green chats with Dr Renardo Lourens, an obstetrics and gynaecology specialist, who specialises in the treatment of women who develop gestational diabetes. It’s a condition that occurs during pregnancy in women without pre-existing diabetes and is linked to insulin resistance.

You’ll hear how to successfully manage gestational diabetes through lifestyle changes, like regular exercise and a balanced diet as well as learning about the importance of testing for gestational diabetes to reduce complications during pregnancy and birth. Did you know that gestational diabetes may also indicate pre-existing diabetes? And that it’s advisable to continue management of this condition post-pregnancy. Learn about the need for supplements like folic acid, iron, and calcium during pregnancy, and the role of gut health in preventing gestational diabetes. Having gestational diabetes can be daunting, but hopefully this episode will give you peace of mind that you can deliver a healthy baby and have a healthy life post-partum.

Some notable moments:

[00:02:55]: The perspective of someone who dealt with gestational diabetes

[00:06:03]: Guilt around gestational diabetes

[00:08:37]: Warning signs of gestational diabetes

[00:11:18]: Mediclinic helpline

[00:12:12]: What can pregnant women do to ensure a healthy pregnancy?

[00:18:20]: Different tests for gestational diabetes

[00:21:30]: Managing gestational diabetes

[00:24:26]: Supplements you can take for gestational diabetes support