Becoming a Dad:  Do you have the tools:

The news is in – you are going to have a baby!  After the initial excitement, feelings of fear and joy may occur, even at the same time.

We at MEDICLINIC offer the MEDICLINIC Baby Programme to assist you during your journey to parenthood.  As soon as moms’ pregnancy is confirmed, encourage her to visit her nearest Mediclinic hospital to view the maternity unit and meet the staff,

The moment you hear that your family will change from ‘me and you’ to ‘us 3’ within the next 8 months or so, your mind might be spinning with plans to accommodate this new life.   Is your car big enough? Does your house have enough space? etc.  A new baby can have a huge financial impact on your life.  Work smartly with your money and plan for any changes. See a specialist financial planner if necessary.

Baby shops can be quite daunting.  They stock a wide variety of items and they all look as if it is a ‘must have’ in order to be a good parent.  Shop wisely and do not let emotions get the better of you during shopping sprees.

At our Antenatal classes you will be equipped with knowledge about pregnancy, birthing options, pain relief during labor and taking care of your new baby.  The contact with other expectant couples will create a sense of solidarity.   You will be able to find more to the point information on the absolute essentials from planning a nursery to choosing daycare.

A few things for Dad to remember:

During the weeks before mom goes to the hospital, it is necessary to inform your Medical Aid about the upcoming birth of your baby.  They will provide you with an authorisation number that is required by the hospital when booking her bed.  This can be done as soon as you have this number.  Contact the accounts department of the hospital to double check possible additional fees for different room options.

Although it is something we seldom even consider at this stage, it is important to remember to change your last will and testament to include the baby. 

If you wear a 3XL or bigger shirt size, please book a large enough set of theatre clothes well in advance.

Very soon the big day will arrive.  Make sure that you start this day by having a light breakfast (only for you, Dad!)  This will be necessary to keep you going during the first few hours of running around.  Remember to bring moms suitcase, the baby’s bag and your camera’s.  Don’t forget to charge the battery and clear the memory card.  There is no replay for this special occasion!

Hearing your baby cry for the first time, is a sound that you will never forget.  Enjoy this special time with mom and bond as a family.  Please inform family and friends about visiting hours – a handy tool to ensure you get enough time as a family and that mom can rest.  Assure her of her capability to handle the baby and just be there for her.   

The baby must be registered with the medical aid as well as Home affairs.  Although the hospital will provide assistance with the latter, you will be expected to inform the medical aid as soon as possible after the birth.

It is vital to remember the baby’s car seat when you are coming to take your new family home.  Accidents happen and it is much better to be safe than sorry.

You may have heard so many stories about ‘sleepless nights and ‘pajama drill’.  Do not lend your ears to the horror stories.  It will be an adjustment for all of you, but you will have a wonderful time getting to know this new person and adapting to his/her needs.  If you are worried or concerned, help is only a phone call away.  Just phone your nearest MEDICLINIC hospital and speak to our dedicated staff from the maternity ward – 24 hours per day!

MEDICLINIC:  Lending a hand, even to a new dad!


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