What to Expect When Going in for Elective Surgery

To provide reassurance for any patients going in for surgery, we have outlined the process so that each of you know what to expect through your journey. If you have any questions regarding this process, please speak to your doctor or contact the Patient Experience Manager at your relevant facility.

What precautions have been put in place at my hospital?

We have implemented screening for patients, staff and other individuals coming to the hospital. We have separate COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 related treatment areas to further reduce your risk. Our staff have all been equipped with the necessary PPE to ensure that we are able to care for all our patients, whatever their medical needs. Each patient is issued with a cloth mask if they cannot provide their own, unless a surgical mask is appropriate, to further reduce the risk of transmission. 

Admission and forms to be completed

When your doctor has confirmed that you will be undergoing surgery, he/she will provide you with the necessary procedural details to complete your admission form. This can be completed online or you can visit our pre-admission centre to facilitate your paperwork. 

COVID-19 testing

Your doctor will refer you for a COVID-19 swab test that must be conducted prior to confirming the surgery. 

COVID-19 screening

You will receive an SMS 24 hours before your surgery, asking you to complete a risk assessment for COVID-19. You will also be screened when you come into the hospital. 

Unit routine and what to expect

Your admission to the unit will proceed as normal; however, each patient will be expected to wear a cloth mask during admission. It is advisable to bring more than one if you are expecting a longer recovery period.

Due to the current visitor restrictions, you will not be able to have a family member or friend accompany you for the surgery. Each Mediclinic bed has a locker in which patients can safely store their personal belongings. Nevertheless, we encourage you to keep these to a minimum because of space limitations. 

Staying in touch

To keep yourself and your relative/friend safe and to limit the spread of the virus, we are not allowing visitors to the hospital (exceptions are made at the discretion of the hospital management). We encourage your friends or family to contact you via mobile phone, or alternatively to phone the hospital and request to speak to you. Direct relatives will be provided with updates on the condition of the patient by our staff.

Please be assured that we will do our utmost to make our patients feel as comfortable and safe as possible and to keep you in virtual contact with each other to the best of our ability. 


We can assure you that additional precautions have been taken in theatre to reduce the risks of transmission, but these will not affect you directly. 

Discharge planning and setting a date

Your doctor will have explained the anticipated length of time you can expect to be admitted into hospital. This may be a simple day admission, or for an extended period. Your doctor will also explain which days are available for surgery. This will depend on his/her particular theatre slate as well as capacity in the particular unit. He/She will also explain the testing process for COVID-19 testing, to ensure that the hospital fully understands your condition before surgery.