Visitor Information

Our patients are our first priority

Mediclinic is committed to providing evidence based medical care of the highest standard, while ensuring the hospital environment is conducive to optimal recovery.

Visits from family and friends are an important part of the recovery process and Mediclinic makes every effort to accommodate visitors. Flexible visiting hours apply (09:00 - 20:00), with a resting period between 13:00-15:00, but there may be times when visitors cannot be accommodated. Please enquire at the nurses’ station to confirm if a patient is able to receive visitors. Visitors may be asked to leave the bedside when procedures are carried out in the unit; we appreciate your understanding in this regard.

We ask that visitors respect other patients in the room and restrict the number of individuals visiting to guidelines indicated on the relevant facility's page.

Silent hospitals promote healing. We ask that you put your mobile on silent while on hospital premises, keep volume to a minimum and that any accompanying children are well supervised.

Visitor Rules

  • Please limit the number of individuals visiting to three per bed in general wards, two per bed in critical care units and one person can accompany a patient admitted for a day procedure in the day ward.
  • In the interest of infection control, all visitors are requested to spray their hands with antiseptic hand spray, available at the entrance to the unit, before and after contact with a patient.
  • To prevent possible infection, visitors are requested to refrain from sitting on the patient’s bed, or any other beds in the unit.
  • Confidentiality regarding patients’ information is very important; we request that you therefore do not ask about other patients’ conditions.
  • Visitors may be asked to leave the unit should the nursing staff need to administer medical care or if the unit is busy. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
  • Visitors are kindly requested to respect the privacy of other patients in the unit by avoiding unnecessary contact with them.
  • Flowers are not permitted in the critical and high care units. Should you bring flowers for a patient in a general unit, kindly provide a vase.
  • Visitors may not supply food or drinks without the approval of the nursing practitioner in charge, as patients may be on a special needs diet. We also request that visitors do not bring food for their own consumption into the unit.
  • Cellphones are not permitted in the unit as they may interfere with monitors and other technical equipment, as well as being a disruption to other patients in the unit.
  • To enquire about a patient’s condition you are welcome to call the hospital directly although we advise that one family member be appointed to liaise with staff and to share information among those concerned. Shift changeovers usually take place daily between 06:45 – 07:15 and 18:45 – 19:15. We appreciate you not calling the unit at these times.
  • Family members are welcome to notify the patient’s clergy of faith that they are in hospital, should the patient wish them to visit.
  • Please take note that we do not allow fire arms in the hospital – you can arrange with reception to safe guard all fire arms.
  • Should overnight accommodation be required, please enquire at the nursing station.