Pre-Hospitalisation for Peace of Mind

We know going to hospital can sometimes be a scary thought.

Did you know?

Our hospitals invite you to visit us 48 hours before you are due to be admitted, so that we may assist you with pre-admission.

During the early pre-admission process, our reception staff will:

  • Provide you with all the necessary account information
  • Tell you more about the services available at the hospital
  • Help you obtain an authorisation number from your medical aid; however we encourage you to ensure that you have all the necessary information from your medical scheme regarding your hospital stay
  • Help you familiarise yourself with the hospital

Alternatively, you may complete the pre-admission form online or download and fax the form. Visit our relevant hospital page on this website to obtain the contact information.

Essentials for Admission

For administrative purposes the following items are required upon admission:

  • Your identification document or passport
  • Your medical aid card
  • Authorisation number supplied by your medical aid, or the letter of guarantee issued by your insurer
  • X-rays, if applicable
  • Chronic medication, if staying overnight

Meals & Private Rooms

Meal Requests

All hospital meals are provided in accordance with a patient’s health requirements and meals are determined in conjunction with a certified dietician.

Some Mediclinic hospitals are able to provide special meals e.g. kosher and halaal. If you would like to request a special meal please do so during your pre-admission or upon admission at the hospital. Special meals attract a surcharge as these meals are specially ordered in from one of our pre-approved local suppliers. Please enquire at the hospital about the surcharge.

Private room request

For your convenience, some of our hospitals are able to accommodate patients in semi-private, private, VIP and luxury rooms. These room types are available on request for an additional fee and are based on availability at the time of admission.

Private and semi-private rooms

  • An additional fee for a private or semi-private rooms will be for the patient's own account, unless pre-authorised by your medical scheme.
  • Enquire at reception or the administration department for the applicable fees.