Mediclinic Precise is here to offer you a safe and guided journey into understanding how your genetics can guide current treatments or identify future health risks for you – or your family. 

We offer a diverse team of experts who will counsel, guide and manage your journey, ensuring that you are always informed and that you are able to actively participate in the decisions made regarding your treatment. By understanding your genetics, you are able to equip yourself with more information about your own health and genetic makeup and receive the appropriate counselling to make the best possible treatment decisions and preventive measures for your future health.

Mediclinic Precise’s unique service offering utilises Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and microarray technologies, among others, provided by our partner laboratories; along with robust, validated bioinformatics applications for data processing and analysis and clinical expertise to evaluate the genetic information in your DNA.  We will actively work with your Medical Practitioner to understand the complexities of your genetic reports, so they can help you make an informed decision on your care.

We want to provide greater value to you by engaging you more directly in your personalised treatment decisions, ensuring the best clinical outcomes, and limiting ineffective treatments through these new genetic insights.