During the birth process the baby's status is monitored intensively via a cardiotocogram (CTG). Your caregiver will discuss your progress with you and also any actions that need to be taken to ensure the safe delivery of your baby.

Although unexpected complications can arise during a birth, they can normally be resolved with the expert support available at Mediclinic. Emergency Caesarean section is always available should circumstances require it.

Weak contractions
If the uterine contractions are too weak or infrequent, or if they cease altogether, childbirth may be assisted by means of medication (hormones), rupturing the amniotic sac with a soft silicone suction cup, or by using obstetric forceps (see assisted delivery).

Haemorrhaging (heavy bleeding)
This can occur if the placenta is expelled prematurely or is lodged in front of the uterine orifice. Under these circumstances medical support, and in some cases even a blood transfusion, is required and a Caesarean section will most likely be required, as the supply of oxygen to the baby will be insufficient.