Private Patients
For information about fees please click here. Alternatively, you can contact the patient administration manager at your preferred Mediclinic hospital for information on charges and payment options.

Medical Aid
Mediclinic is contracted with all major medical schemes in South Africa, allowing competitive rates to be negotiated. Mediclinic will bill you in accordance with rates agreed with your scheme and will also submit your claim on your behalf.

Whilst most medical aids cover the hospitalisation for maternity in full, some impose limits (e.g. they only cover the first 3 days for a vaginal delivery or 4 days for a Caesarean delivery, or they have rand value limits). You are advised to confirm the details of your coverage with your scheme when you contact them for authorisation.

Please note: Fees charged by the admitting/treating obstetricians, anaesthetists and paediatricians are not included in the hospital account. You will need to enquire directly from your private providers as to what their costs entail and find out about associated charges, such as pathology tests and NICU care.