Meet the Mediclinic Precise team.

This team of experts will guide you through the journey of genetic health.


Dr Lindsay Petersen

Chief Operations Officer

PhD Molecular and Cell Biology (UCT), MSc in Molecular and Cell Biology (UCT), BSc Hons in Biochemistry (UCT), BSc in Biochemistry and Microbiology (UCT)

Dr Petersen is responsible for managing the entire value chain for diagnostic tests offered through Artisan Biomed, from patient engagement, sample collection, data generation and interpretation to a meaningful clinical report. In addition, she has more than 12 years of experience in managing and implementing genomics platforms, leveraging her scientific expertise, as well as coordinating large-scale multicentre collaborative research programmes both locally and internationally. Lindsay is passionate about making genetic testing more accessible to understudied populations, in particular, across the African continent.



Dr Lizahn Haasbroek

Product Manager (Specialising in pharmacogenetics)

PhD Clinical Pharmacology (UCT), BSc Hons in Pharmacology (UP), BSc in Human Physiology (UP)

Dr Haasbroek joined the team in 2020 and brought with her essential knowledge and expertise in the role that genetics plays during drug metabolism and efficacy. Lizahn leads the development of pharmacogenomic product offerings and their significance in the clinical setting through the evaluation of various genomics technologies from microarray to Next-Generation Sequencing. Lizahn’s portfolio of experience includes management of our Ancestry testing product line; development of ISO-compliant pharmacogenomic applications for clinical trial research activities and implementation of the organisation’s first fully accredited online training programme to create awareness and understanding of the impact of genetics in Precision Medicine to both clinical professionals and academic researchers alike. As a student of knowledge herself, Lizahn looks forward to continuing to bring new insights discovered through genetic testing to further enhance product offerings and their meaning to the patient.


Paidamoyo Kachambwa

Senior Bioinformatician

PhD Candidate Human Biology (UCT), MSc Med Bioinformatics (UCT), BMedSci Hons Bioinformatics (UCT) and BSc Computer Science & Microbiology (UCT)

Paidamoyo Kachambwa interests and strengths lie in the development, management and implementation of computational processes and programs that aid in the understanding of genomic data to provide better insights into Precision Medicine. Paidamoyo’s expertise span the implementation of processes for data analysis ranging from Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) in areas of oncology to applications for clinical diagnostics such as COVID-19 testing, NIPT, HLA-typing and Whole Exome or Whole Genome Sequencing (WES/WGS) for rare diseases and panels like the Hereditary Cancer Panel. Further, Paidamoyo’s domain-specific bioinformatics skills have seen her expertise being consulted to both local and international collaborators to advance their systems and processes

Part-time, she is pursuing a PhD which looks to explore factors that contribute to developing competencies in the evolving biomedical field that experiences a constant change of scope in work, largely due to continual advances and refinement in the field. Paidamoyo is outcome driven and lives the belief of supporting a holistic approach to the delivery of care, preventative and remedial, in a patient’s journey.


Hendrik La Grange

Logistics Manager

With a strong background in the legal industry, Hennie La Grange brings fundamental advancements to the logistics, procurement and reporting divisions of the business. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Hennie coordinated the national transport of samples across over 60 locations and several organisations enabling the business to offer Covid-19 testing throughout South Africa. Hennie has established an extensive partner network and understands the complexities of both national and international biological specimen transport. Hennie implemented solutions in logistics that enable Mediclinic Precise to offer a diversity of genetic testing regardless of location. Hennie is always willing to assist, and he focuses on the client experience ensuring that there is a feeling of safety throughout the client journey. 


Dr Liani Smit

Consulting Clinical Geneticist


Dr Liani Smit is a Cape Town-based clinical geneticist specialising in the diagnosis and management of genetic conditions presenting throughout every stage of life. Liani has a broad range of working experience portfolio across several medical disciplines such as general practice, internal medicine, paediatrics, clinical research and medical genetics. This cemented her foundation and understanding of health problems presenting in patients of all ages.

Liani graduated top of her class in medical school, she received a Master of Medicine in Medical Genetics cum laude from Stellenbosch University and was admitted as a Fellow of the College of Medical Genetics of South Africa in the same year.

Liani combines a patient’s family and medical history with acumen, advanced computational phenotyping technology, and the latest local and international genetic testing technologies in pursuit of a diagnosis. She respects the profound impact living with a known or unknown genetic disease has on the lives of patients and their families. She strives to help navigate the uncertainty and complexity of genetic conditions with accurate information, compassion, and support. At Mediclinic Precise she provides clinical genetic expertise in the development and interpretation of our high-end genomic service offerings which mirrors her practice ethos.


Lizahn Van Neel

Data Capturer

Lizahn Van Neel joined the team at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and will be the first friendly engagement you have with Mediclinic Precise. Lizahn is passionate about client service and ready to attend to your request with care and confidentiality. Her experience in customer services for the tests we offer covers several industries and organisations and thousands of individual clients.


Dr Chris Maske

Medical Director (Consulting Pathologist)

MBChB; BSc (Hons); DPhil (Oxon); FCPath (SA)

Dr Chris Maske is our passionate and energetic Medical Director and Consulting Pathologist, developing new products and ensuring continuous Quality Improvement through his extensive clinical genetic expertise. Dr Maske’s biomedical career spans more than two decades with both local and international experience in pathology, laboratory medicine and research.

Chris began his medical journey graduating in medicine at the University of Cape Town and completing his internship at Groote Schuur Hospital (GSH). Exploring his passion in medical research, Chris obtained an Honours degree in Medical Biochemistry at UCT followed by a PhD in Molecular Cell Biology from Oxford University, UK. Returning to Cape Town, Chris completed his Fellowship in Anatomical Pathology at UCT and GSH. Chris joined Lancet Laboratories in Johannesburg as a consulting pathologist and later headed it's Department of Molecular Pathology for eight years. Chris led a spectrum of molecular diagnostic activities and the introduction of new technologies that included somatic tumour genetics for cancer therapy, high-risk HPV-based screening for cervical cancer and, in partnership with Artisan Biomed, saw the introduction of the first non-invasive prenatal genetic screening assay within South Africa.

Chris founded QLAB Laboratories in 2017, with a focus on diagnosis, risk stratification and biomarker detection in solid tumour malignancies. He is consulting pathologist at the Breast Care Centre of Excellence at Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg and performs diagnostic and research work in the pathology and genetics of breast cancer. Chris is driven by developing and innovating technology for cost-effective and clinically effective genetic screening and diagnostic applications that will be beneficial to all patients providing them with a feeling of safety.

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