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Discover how genetic health services can transform your wellbeing, one gene at a time.
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Understanding your family history is crucial for identifying your risk for certain diseases.

Knowing your genetic risk helps you prepare mentally and emotionally for potential health issues and treatments. Personalised treatment leverages your family history for precision medicine, tailoring treatments to your genetic profile.

Understand Your Risk

Understanding your family history can highlight your risk for certain diseases, allowing for early detection and proactive health measures. It can also help estimate the likelihood of developing various genetic disorders or passing them on to your children.

Make Informed Choices

Your family history can guide you in making sound lifestyle and health decisions to reduce the risks associated with potential genetic conditions. Knowledge of your family history can help you decide whether to undergo further genetic testing, providing a more accurate risk assessment for certain genetic disorders.

Prepare Yourself

Understanding your genetic risk through family history can help you and your family prepare mentally and emotionally for potential health issues and certain treatments.

Personalise Your Treatment

Your family history plays a key role in precision medicine, enabling treatments to be tailored to your unique genetic profile and predicting how you may respond to certain drugs.

Plan Your Health

Your family history assists healthcare providers in planning your check-ups and recommending screenings for early disease detection. A detailed family history and genetic health assessment can form part of a comprehensive health package.

Contribute to Research

Sharing your family history can contribute to research efforts aimed at understanding the genetic basis of diseases, paving the way for future medical advancements. This can, in turn, benefit you and your loved ones by benefitting from cutting-edge scientific discoveries. 

Decoding your DNA

The key to personalised health

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The blueprint for our wellbeing lies in the vast universe of our genes. At Mediclinic Precise, we unlock the secrets hidden within your DNA, empowering you to take control of your health like never before.

Genetic conditions

Unraveling genetic variations

genetic conditions mediclinic precise

From rare monogenic disorders to complex multifactorial diseases, our team of experts navigates the intricate world of genetic variations. With over 6,000 known monogenic disorders and an estimated 65% of the population at risk for polygenic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, understanding your genetic makeup is crucial.

Genetic counselling

Your guiding light

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Our certified genetic counsellors are your trusted partners on this journey. Comprehensive assessments of your medical and family history provide invaluable insights into your genetic predispositions. With their expertise, you'll gain a deep understanding of inheritance patterns, testing options, and risk management strategies.

Precision Medicine: Tailored to Your Unique Code

One-size-fits-all healthcare is a relic of the past. At Mediclinic Precise, we harness the power of precision medicine, tailoring treatments and prevention plans to your individual genetic profile. We maximise effectiveness and optimise your wellbeing by aligning your care with your DNA.

Empowering Knowledge, Transforming Lives

Genetic information is a powerful tool, and we believe in equipping you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your health and that of your loved ones. Our team translates complex genetic data into actionable insights, ensuring you are prepared for your results' emotional and psychological implications.

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