The way we diagnose and treat a stroke is changing. Mediclinic takes a multidisciplinary approach, with the aim of ensuring that all patients are afforded world-class and timely treatment.


A stroke damages the brain but there's a lot we can do in our facilities to reduce the damage. That's why Mediclinic has evolved to approach stroke care in a standardised internationally researched manner. All Mediclinic hospitals across Southern Africa are optimised to provide world-class evidence based stroke care - Dr Melanie Stander, Emergency Centre Manager, Mediclinic Southern Africa. Watch now.

Mediclinic is continuing to standardise stroke care protocols in facilities across South Africa to elevate the standard of care and improve stroke outcomes.

“Medics, nurses, stroke physicians, radiologists – when everyone works together, and quickly, we see huge improvements in how our patients recover from strokes,” says Dr Daniel Fiandeiro, an Emergency Medicine Specialist at Mediclinic Pietermaritzburg.


If you suspect a stroke, call 084 124 for expert assistance without delay. The earlier you receive treatment, the better. Learn more below.

World class stroke care

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084 124


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