Getting the most out of gap cover with Mediclinic Extender Benefit

Healthcare needs are often unpredictable. During some seasons, medical aid insurance might cover all needs and expenses; on other occasions, gap cover insurance might be required. Mediclinic – in partnership with Sanlam – has created an extender package to Sanlam's gap cover insurance, tailored specifically for Mediclinic hospitals and clients. The Mediclinic Extender Benefit also ensures that challenges like co-payments do not compromise doctor-patient relationships.

The Mediclinic Extender Benefit offering includes:

  • After-hours treatment at a Mediclinic Emergency Centre
  • Cancer lump sum payout on diagnosis
  • Co-payment support for insured events
  • Co-payment support for out-of-network use of a Mediclinic facility
  • Out-of-hospital specialist shortfall
  • The option to upgrade to a private room from a general room (Subject to availability)

The Mediclinic Extender Benefit works in conjunction with Sanlam's gap cover and offers clients the reassurance of access to Mediclinic services – no matter the medical requirement. Mediclinic's continuum of care consistently provides patients with the same level of care and expertise across various medical engagements. Over recent years, provision has been made for renal care, mental health services and precision medicine (DNA-based medical services), along with ER24 emergency services and a primary care offering from Intercare.

To enjoy the benefits of the Mediclinic Extender Benefit, visit Sanlam’s website here.