Family Life

A new mom shares how Mediclinic Cape Town and the Mediclinic Baby programme made her journey from pregnancy to birth a stress-free experience to treasure.

Expecting your first baby is a miraculous but potentially overwhelming time in any woman’s life, so first-time mom and travel blogger Jacqui Cooks was determined to be as clued-up as possible before the birth.

Jacqui, who recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy at Mediclinic Cape Town under the care of obstetrician and gynaecologist (ob-gyn) Dr Martin Puzey, says: “This was my first baby so I wanted to make sure I was fully prepared for everything.” When Jacqui saw a poster for the Mediclinic Baby Programme in Dr Puzey’s office, she scanned the QR code.

“It was free so I thought, why not?” She soon received the first of weekly emails updating her on what was happening inside her womb and other useful information. “There are videos on the site to help prepare, as well as an app,” she explains.   

Expert information

Dr Malikah Van Der Schyff, an obstetrician and gynaecologist at Mediclinic Constantiaberg, says the programme ensures expectant mothers are well informed, which creates a more trusting doctor-patient relationship. “Pregnancy can attract all types of information from well-meaning friends, family and colleagues – and it can be overwhelming.

It’s reassuring that our patients have this reservoir of expert information to assist them along the journey and reduce some of that anxiety,” says Dr Van Der Schyff. “It’s our duty as healthcare professionals to inform our patients, and when moms get trusted assistance from the Mediclinic Baby Programme it makes our consultations a lot more engaging and our jobs a little easier.” 

High praise

Jacqui, who gave birth via caesarean section, has particularly high regard for Dr Puzey: “There’s no other gynae I wanted to deliver my baby,” she insists. Post-delivery, the new mom was also impressed with the staff on Mediclinic’s maternity ward. “After you give birth, a lactation consultant comes to your room to show you how to breastfeed, which is so great because you really don’t know what you’re doing. They show you how to hold the baby properly and the nurses show you how to change the first nappy.”   

All in the bag

Mediclinic parents receive a complimentary bag of goodies for mom and baby that contains everything you need for those first few days. “The baby bag is the perfect thing. You see these long lists for your baby registry but it’s really only a few staple things you need – all of which are included in that bag, so there’s no rush to buy everything before being admitted. I am so thankful for the stretchy maternity briefs for moms. They’re more comfortable than the ones I bought!”

Customer service

Long before the birth, Jacqui spent a lot of time on the phone with Mediclinic’s patient engagement officers because her medical aid was giving her the run-around. “The patient Experience Officer (or manager – depending on hospital) officers I dealt with at Mediclinic were so helpful. If they didn’t have an answer immediately, they always got back to me.” Jacqui, who travels often, was also grateful that they accommodated her when she couldn’t be there in person for the tour of the hospital. “We did it on Zoom! It was just customer service like I’ve never experienced. That stuck out the most.”