Mediclinic focuses on recruiting and retaining the best quality specialists to provide the best quality care – even in the most remote areas of South Africa.

The goal of practice development is to help new doctors find and maintain a foothold in the healthcare market, and to ensure they are equipped to provide their patients with the best quality of care.

We want our specialists to be able to focus on the clinical side of their practices. That is what they’re trained to do, and what they are good at – serving their patients. However, many of them are less knowledgeable about business, and that’s why Mediclinic helps:

  • New specialists starting out after finishing their studies. They often need help to establish their practice in a challenging business environment.
  • Established doctors wanting to move their existing practices.
  • Doctors in the public sector wanting to transition into private practice.

Loyalty and partnership are at the heart of these strategies: retaining specialists is a key part of providing better care.

Hear what our specialists say about the support they received and the unique contribution from doctor relationship managers (DRMs) where they work:

Dr Thabo Mogotlane

Psychiatrist, Mediclinic Legae.

“The enterprise development initiatives from Mediclinic greatly assisted me with setting up my practice. The first month I joined, Octavia Hlongwane, our DRM, introduced me to more than 40 referring GPs in the area. This was part of a continuous professional development (CPD) symposium, at which I presented.

“Since then, I’ve been seeing a lot of patients. Octavia also ensured I had a photo shoot done for the website. If it wasn’t for these initiatives, my practice would not have gained such a big footprint around Mediclinic Legae.”

Dr Andile Xana

Specialist Cardiologist, Mediclinic Heart.

“I’m grateful for the exposure that Mediclinic afforded me. It started with former DRM Maida Keese taking me to do presentations at the offices of GPs in the area and in Secunda. This has continued with current DRM Nobuhle Linda and has resulted in very good relationships with our referring GPs. We’re now on a first-name basis with many of them.

“They also call for advice about patients with general medical issues that are not cardiac related. That helps to strengthen the relationship. I am immensely grateful for the support from Mediclinic.”

"I am immensely grateful for the support from Mediclinic."

– Dr Andile Xana

Dr Johan Charilaou

Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mediclinic Cape Gate.

“My main medical focus is on hip and knee replacements and musculoskeletal trauma. Setting up a private practice is daunting. We spend a lot of time acquiring the skills to best take care of our patients; but very little emphasis is put on practice management. You can lose focus while trying to figure out the business side.

“The Mediclinic Cape Gate Enterprise Development Team made the transition seamless. Collective goals and procedures were implemented and referral pathways established with GPs and allied healthcare providers. Financial and structural support was offered in every aspect of running an effective and competitive practice. This process is a continuous and pleasurable journey, making Mediclinic Cape Gate a centre of excellence in all aspects of providing outstanding care to our community.”

Dr Nikita Blake

Plastic Surgeon, Mediclinic Bloemfontein.

“Mediclinic in Bloemfontein gave me free rein to create a working space that was unique to my needs. They made all the structural changes I required and also put me in touch with an amazing interior designer. They also provided generous funding for my rooms. Setting up a private practice is stressful, but I felt supported throughout the process. The DRM arranged meetings with GPs and specialists to help create referral patterns. Managers are only a phone call away and are always willing to advise with any query.

“I thoroughly enjoy working in the theatres at Mediclinic Bloemfontein, and the hospital has also gone out of its way to accommodate my surgical requirements. The wonderful positive atmosphere at the hospital is a testament to the excellent management in place. Everyone, from porters to unit managers, is happy and friendly. I feel privileged to have been embraced by this team.”

Setting up a private practice is stressful, but I felt supported throughout the process.

– Dr Nikita Blake

Dr Bernard Diale

General Surgeon, Mediclinic Legae.

“After 15 years in public practice, I decided to venture into private practice. Mediclinic Legae was my first choice as a way to keep giving back to my community.

“I had no clue what setting up a practice meant, but our DRM guided me through the process. First, she helped me register with all the necessary regulatory bodies. The financial and IT departments also helped me immensely in the beginning. To get my name out in the community, we embarked on GP visits. With the DRM, I presented at several hospital professional development meetings, and also at community groups health talks. The practice is still in its infancy, but I know I can count on Mediclinic’s support to reach greater heights.”

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- Extract from the Transformation Publication 2023