Telehealth is becoming of growing importance in the provision of safe care for patients. In light of recent HPCSA changes to the telehealth legislation we are excited to be giving you the opportunity to utilise this telehealth solution.

The training video modules below will take approximately 12 minutes to complete and contain the workflow of both the doctor and support staff (e.g administrative staff who may need to book appointments). They will navigate through the key components of the telehealth system. 

Although the system has the ability to facilitate both nurse based virtual consultation (doctor to nurse) and direct to patient consultation (doctor to patient), we will only be focusing on direct to patient consults at this stage. 

Once registered, the telehealth login can be accessed by clicking here

Please download the telehealth training document for use as a reference tool as you work through the three short videos below. 

Following this we advise that you practice using the system with family and colleagues prior to consulting with patients. 

Please email so we can set up a training sessions with yourself and your administrative or support staff to refine your understanding of how to use the system in your practice

The telehealth patient experience

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