Pregnancy and Baby

What’s the best way to prepare emotionally when trying to conceive? When the most intimate part of a relationship is tested, how does it affect the foundations of the relationship?

We ask the hardest questions around the mental journey of conception to psychologist and co-founder of Wijnland Fertility Clinic, Lizanne van Waart in this imperative episode of The Healthwrap: Trying To Conceive. After being in fertility treatment herself, Lizanne turns an expert yet empathetic lens on the emotional rollercoaster couples go through when trying to have a baby.

Join our host, Vanessa Pickford, as this episode unpacks practical tips, interesting insights and wonderful stories of successful fertility treatment. Make sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss future episodes.

This podcast is produced by 2Stories for Mediclinic, written by Linda Scarborough, produced by Carol Williams with audio editing, engineering, and sound design by Kozi Mzimela and Jordyn Toohey.

Some notable moments:

[00:04:09] When you should start seeing a psychologist specialising in fertility patients

[00:06:55] How to build a support system when on the fertility journey

[00:08:51] The medical support team on your fertility journey

[00:10:32] Financial and medical needs to be considered when having fertility treatment

[00:13:39] How to communicate to your work colleagues and employer about your fertility journey

[00:16:08] The emotions and thoughts couples experience in the fertility journey

[00:20:21] How the romantic relationship is impacted when trying to conceive

[00:22:35] How family and friends can support a couple trying to conceive and the impact on these relationships

[00:25:29] Advice for couples who are reluctant to get psychological help on the fertility journey