Pregnancy and Baby

How does being older affect fertility, pregnancy and childbirth? Is it ever too late to try to have a baby?

In this episode, our host, Vanessa Pickford, sits down with the co-founder of Wijnland Fertility in Stellenbosch and a registered fertility specialist, Dr Johannes van Waart. He brings his many years of experience to give insight into what it means to be an older parent, as well as the different ways of realising your baby dreams. If you want to know about freezing and saving eggs, IVF as a single person or couple, surrogacy, and adoption, this episode is a must-hear.

Join our host, Vanessa Pickford, as this episode unpacks practical tips, interesting insights and wonderful stories of successful fertility treatment. Make sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss future episodes.

This podcast is produced by 2Stories for Mediclinic, written by Linda Scarborough, produced by Carol Williams with audio editing, engineering, and sound design by Kozi Mzimela and Jordyn Toohey.

Golden nuggets:

[00:03:52] The main issues that older people experience when they try to conceive

[00:05:41] Fertility issues that affect men

[00:07:13] Older women and trying to conceive

[00:09:06] Solutions for older women who are trying to conceive

[00:10:04] Social egg freezing explained

[00:14:28] The process of surrogacy in South Africa

[00:17:47] When to consider ending the journey of trying to conceive

[00:19:22] Some hope for those trying to conceive

[00:20:36] The ideal time to try to conceive

[00:21:32] Some stories of hope for successful fertility treatments

[00:24:50] The chances of a successful IVF treatment on your first try