Pregnancy and Baby

Did you know that approximately one in every six people of reproductive age worldwide experience infertility in their lifetime according to the World Health Organisation?

The Health Wrap: Trying To Conceive podcast series is dedicated to demystifying many of the fertility unknowns for would-be parents and the people in their lives. In this episode, our host, Vanessa Pickford chats to Dr. Antonio Rodrigues about how best to prepare physically for conception. From the impact career choices make on family planning to your partner’s sperm count and how people can approach fertility clinics, this episode is packed with practical, specialist advice to empower those on the path to parenthood.

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This podcast is produced by 2Stories for Mediclinic, written by Linda Scarborough, produced by Carol Williams with audio editing, engineering, and sound design by Kozi Mzimela and Jordyn Toohey.

Some notable moments:

[00:04:26] How to know when to see a fertility specialist.

[00:06:27] The pre-conception checklist when you see a specialist.

[00:09:22] The role age plays for those who are trying to conceive.

[00:12:05] Why your egg count could be affecting your fertility.

[00:14:26] What women should and shouldn’t do in preparation for pregnancy.

[00:18:31] What supplements to take when you’re trying to conceive?

[00:20:46] Routine tests you should do before conceiving.

[00:22:29] All you need to know about cycle tracking.

[00:24:58] The value of mucus in ovulation and fertility.

[00:29:27] Endometriosis unpacked.

[00:32:34] Advice to ensure you don’t have to see a fertility expert.

[00:35:18] Some success stories.