Do you know the difference between baby blues and postnatal depression? Is it something you’d know how to plan for when having a baby?

In reality, more than 1 in every 10 women struggle with Postnatal Depression within a year of giving birth according to the United Kingdom National Health Service. Without correctly treating this common issue, it can spiral out of control and affect the whole family. That’s why we had to have this very important and insightful conversation with Dr Dalene Barnard. 

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Some golden nuggets: 

[00:03:46] - [00:06:10] The benefits of the bonding process between parents and newborns. 

[00:06:11] - [00:08:32] How new parents can enhance their bond with their baby. 

[00:08:47] - [00:10:55] What mothers can do if they struggle to bond with their babies. 

[00:11:04] - [00:13:43] Baby blues and postnatal depression. How they feel and how long they last. 

[00:15:22] - [00:17:50] Who mums can turn to when experiencing postnatal depression.

[00:20:32] - [00:22:43] How the partners and family of the new mother should respond to her sharing her struggles with postnatal depression. 

[00:23:28] - [00:24:59] How the mental health of the mother can impact her partner. 

[00:25:13] - [00:31:38] Treatment options for mums with postnatal depression.