Did you know that 92% of first-time mothers have trouble breastfeeding three days after birth according to a study done by UC Davis Medical Center?

If you’ve fallen into this percentile, you’re not alone and we are here to help. This episode is chock-full of practical tips and guidelines for new mothers. From nappy-changing to bathing and learning why your baby is crying, this conversation with Sr Andrea Vinnecomb is the audio handbook every new mother needs. 

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Some golden nuggets: 

[00:03:30] - [00:06:14] Advice for new mums about caring for their newborn 

[00:06:51] - [00:08:29] The ins and outs of nappies! How often should they be changed and how should you change them? 

[00:08:30] - [00:09:54] Tips for bathing your newborn baby 

[00:10:08] - [00:12:02] All you need to know about your baby’s umbilical cord. 

[00:12:17] - [00:13:24] What’s the best way to cut your baby’s nails?

[00:13:45] - [00:16:01] Tips for dressing your baby

[00:16:02] - [00:21:59] Breastfeeding tips

[00:22:05] - [00:26:16] Newborn baby’s sleep patterns

[00:26:17] - [00:27:52] How to establish a routine for your baby

[00:28:15] - [00:32:13] Red flags that indicate that your baby is ill or struggling

[00:32:14] - [00:33:24] All about the six-month checkup

[00:33:25] Getting to know what your baby is crying for