Recently, orthopaedic surgeon Dr Craig Solomon celebrated his 100th knee replacement surgery using the Smith and Nephew CORI Robotic System.

“I would like to express my gratitude for the support and opportunities provided by Mediclinic Cape Gate. The decision to invest in advanced technology like the CORI Robotic System has truly revolutionised our approach to surgical care, allowing us to deliver precise, minimally invasive procedures with improved patient outcomes,” Dr Solomon explains.

The robotic system assists surgeons in performing joint replacements, such as hip and knee replacements. Using sophisticated imaging techniques the robot produces a 3D virtual model of the joint. This model provides the respective surgeon with a highly accurate representation of the patient’s anatomy, including bone structure, joint alignment and soft tissue characteristics.

Dr Solomon explains that this information is used to determine the optimal implant size, placement and alignment for the specific patient. During the actual surgery, the robotic system uses real-time tracking technology to allow the surgeon to precisely position and align the instruments and implants according to the preoperative plan.

Key advantages of using the robotic system include improved accuracy and customisation of the surgery. Improved precision in preoperative planning and intraoperative guidance as well as improved joint replacement alignment and placement. Another key benefit for the patient is the reduction in complications relating to the surgery.

Any new technology comes with some challenges and it is as a result of Mediclinic Cape Gate’s investment in the technology and Dr Solomon’s commitment to learning and adopting the technology, that the robotic system is now accessible to the community.

Mediclinic Cape Gate has also recently partnered with the Stryker MAKO robotic system for total hip replacements, further highlighting their commitment to providing excellent patient care. The MAKO robotic system brings similar benefits for patients, including improved accuracy and precision while expanding the scope of robotic surgery to encompass total hip replacements.