The Limb Reconstruction Unit at Mediclinic Durbanville specialises in restoring and improving the function of limbs through surgical procedures.

The unit addresses various conditions in adults and children, which include:

  1. Bone Defect Management: Treating bone defects with surgical techniques including bone transport, 3D-printed titanium trusses and bone grafting techniques.
  2. Deformity Correction: Correcting limb deformities or malunions using both internal and external fixation.
  3. Non-union Management: Treating fractures that have not united or healed.
  4. Limb Lengthening: Lengthening the bone for leg length discrepancies as well as cosmetic reasons.
  5. Osseointegration: A process that allows incorporation of prosthetic limbs to the bone.
  6. Post-traumatic Limb Reconstruction: Restoring function after traumatic injuries.
  7. Fracture-related Infection: Infection of the bone following an injury or surgical procedure.

Our specialist orthopaedic surgeons employ both internal and external fixation for a vast array of conditions. They have a special interest in the management of circular fixators, which are external fixators attached to bones using pins and wires. Circular fixators are especially useful in the management of fracture-related infection, bone defect management, joint contractures, deformity correction and non-union management. 

Specialist consultation in this field is crucial for personalised treatment and optimal outcomes.

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