Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery

Mediclinic Durbanville offers a Centre of Excellence for metabolic and bariatric surgery in collaboration with the practice of Dr Etienne Swanepoel, a general surgeon with an interest in metabolic and advanced laparoscopic procedures, which include gastric sleeve procedures and bypasses. The centre is accredited with the South African Society for Surgery, Obesity and metabolism. Click here to learn more.


Pelvic Floor Unit

A Pelvic Floor Unit was formed by Mediclinic Durbanville specialists in 2012.  

The unit comprises a multidisciplinary team that assists people with problems of the pelvic floor, which can occur in women and men. Common problems include:

  • Bladder control, i.e. leakage and the need to go to the toilet urgently
  • Prolapse of the uterus or vagina
  • Bowel control after childbirth

Mediclinic Durbanville’s Pelvic Floor Unit team is exceedingly specialised, and committed to attaining the greatest possible quality of life for our patients. Click here to learn more.