If you’re a first-time parent (or would-be parent) and feeling a little clueless, the Mediclinic Baby Programme will give you all the reliable information and support you’re looking for.

There’s no shortage of baby-related information for new parents – from Dr Google to well-meaning family and friends. So, it can be tricky figuring out what is actually sound, up-to-date info that’s relevant for a parent in South Africa. The Mediclinic Baby Programme was designed to offer exactly that. Best of all, it’s completely FREE to sign up – even if you’re not having your baby at a Mediclinic facility.

Reliable local information all in one place

“The idea was to develop a programme that Mediclinic patients and expecting new parents could join that supported their needs and allowed them to make informed and confident parenting decisions,” explains Jeanelle Smuts, Mediclinic Baby Programme Coordinator. “The programme allows parents to engage with professional expertise – whether it’s from a GP, gynae, paediatrician or specialist. The idea is that you come to Mediclinic Baby for advice you can trust that assists you to make an informed decision.” Since launching in 2006, the programme has expanded into a database of over 70 000 parents and soon-to-be parents and more than 41 maternity wards and baby clinics across South Africa.

Access help – anywhere, anytime

As an online resource, the Mediclinic Baby Programme has articles and videos answering many of the questions that new and expecting parents may have. Case in point: A hub on the site answers all your questions about pregnancy and COVID-19. Other resources include a convenient hospital checklist of exactly what to pack, an easy-to-use ovulation calculator for would-be parents and an A-Z info hub for new parents. The information comes from qualified Mediclinic doctors, so you’re getting current, reliable guidance that’s relevant to South Africa. Plus, when you register, you get access to even more resources.

Click here to sign up for The Mediclinic Baby Programme free of charge!

All the support you need

Registered members receive a weekly email newsletter with information from specialists, helpful videos to guide you through topics such as breastfeeding and bathing your baby, and access to virtual antenatal conferences and webinars. There’s also a 24-hour helpline that connects you to a dedicated nurse practitioner for those 2am emergencies when you don’t know who to call. “The ability to empower expecting parents with the knowledge and self-assurance to make confident parenting decisions is empowering in itself. The Mediclinic Baby programme walks a journey with parents and provides support so they can enjoy those many precious moments pre- and post-pregnancy,” says Smuts.

How to sign up

Anyone can register for the Mediclinic Baby Programme free of charge and get access to the online information hub, weekly newsletters, webinars, virtual conferences and helpline. Simply complete the online registration form. If you’re a member and you’re having your baby at a Mediclinic facility, you also get bonus in-hospital benefits. Click here for a full list of benefits.

You’re not in this alone

“The Mediclinic Baby programme has empowered many expectant parents with knowledge and support to allow them to make confident parenting decisions. Having your baby at a Mediclinic hospital is more than just a procedure – Mediclinic Baby is with you every step of the journey,” says Smuts.