During your pregnancy it is important to think healthy and continue with your healthy lifestyle. Avoid processed foods and too much sugar.

Here is a basic overview of what your ideal weight gain should be. Remember that every person is different - some will put on more, some less, but ideally you can look to gain around 12.5kg in total.

The 12.5kg is made up of the following:

Average baby 3.4kg
Amniotic fluid 0.8kg
Placenta 0.6kg
Uterus 0.9kg
Blood volume 1.5kg
Extracellular fluid 1.4kg
Fat 3.5kg
Breast increases 0.4kg

NB: Every woman carries differently and the table is a mere guideline.

  • You may find that your belly button begins to pop out now and shall remain this way till after the birth - this is due to the pressure of your growing baby.
  • Be sure to use Vitamin E oil for those stretch marks (if you haven't started already). There are some truly excellent products on the market. Visit your local Clicks store and speak to one of the pharmacists for some good advice as to what product will work best for your skin type.
  • The normal length of pregnancy ranges from 37 - 42 weeks and is divided into what we call trimesters. There are three trimesters in total (each one 14 weeks).
    • 1st Trimester - 0-14 weeks
    • 2nd Trimester - 15-28 weeks
    • 3rd Trimester - 29-42 weeks