Read the latest issue of the Newcastillian – Online Magazine by clicking here Quality medical care is of the utmost importance in modern-day society. In order to provide the best treatment, the medical sector is made up of professionals who continuously strive to treat an array of medical conditions which may plague people.

One such professional is Dr Mohamed Alsharef, a urologist who has set up his practice in Newcastle and joining forces with Mediclinic Newcastle.

Urologists diagnose and treat diseases of the urinary tract in both men and women.

They also diagnose and treat anything involving the reproductive tract in men.

Urologists also treat all parts of the male reproductive system. This system is made up of the:

  • penis, which is the organ that releases urine and carries sperm out of the body
  • prostate, which is the gland underneath the bladder that adds fluid to sperm to produce semen
  • testicles, which are the two oval organs inside the scrotum that make the hormone testosterone and produce sperm

Dr Alsharef qualified as a specialist, after obtaining his degree as a urologist in 2010. This was followed by Dr Alsharef obtaining his Masters of Medicine in Urology from the Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine.

Prior to that, Dr Alsharef qualified as a General Surgeon in 2006 from the Royal College of Surgeons of England, as well as qualifying from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 2007.

Passionate about urology, Dr Alsharef says after his studies, he was based in Ladysmith. Why come to Newcastle?

“Newcastle is larger than Ladysmith and I am able to help more people here. Also, it is a wonderful experience working with Mediclinic Newcastle. They are equipped with all the necessary equipment I need, and they cover a large area for me to help.”

Looking at helping people in Newcastle and the surrounding areas, what drives Dr Alsharef in his field of work?

“I truly enjoy working with my patients, taking care of them and seeing them cared,” he says.

His passion in caring for his patients sees his fields of interests include:

  • All cancers of the prostate, bladder and male genital organs.
  • Diseases of bladder, prostate, kidney and male genital organs.
  • Endourology, laser stone surgery of the kidney, ureter and bladder.
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Male urinary incontinence, benign prostatic hyperplasia, male infertility, male sexual dysfunction, circumcision and vasectomy.
  • Paediatric urology.
  • Uro-Gynaecology, female urinary incontinence and female pelvic prolapse.

Covering a broad field of interests, Dr Alsharef says cancer is a major cause of concern among men.

“While working in the public sector I saw a high number of patients with cancer. If cancer is detected early enough it can be treated, which is why it is so important to go for regular screening,” Dr Alsharef says.

Dr Alsharef emphasises that men from the ages of 40 and upwards, need to visit their GPs on a regular basis to ensure they remain safe from the devastating effects of cancer.

As Dr Alsharef focuses on the community’s health, Pixelfish Marketing and the Newcastillian would like to extend him a warm welcome.

Source: https://newcastillian.co.za/2020/03/17/mediclinic-newcastle-welcomes-dr-mohamed-alsharef-newcastles-newest-urologist/