The work environment is one of professionalism, where every care is taken to ensure injury on duty remains at a minimum.

Yet, there are occasions where a staff member is injured while on duty. What happens then? What role does the employer play in the staff member’s medical treatment and rehabilitation? What about the legalities?

On November 28, Mediclinic Newcastle hosted a WCA/COID business lunch at Grey Goose Game Lodge to address these very issues.

As Mediclinic Newcastle prides itself on always putting the patient first, as well as being the expertise that Newcastle can trust, the business lunch focused on Injury on Duty.

Mediclinic Newcastle can provide the following services for those who sustain injuries while on duty. These services are:

A modern 24-hour emergency centre which is fully equipped and staffed by competent staff. Furthermore, ER Consulting manages the practice and ensures competent and experienced doctors run the centre.

Radiological services, including X-rays, Sonar, CT-Scan and MRI; depending on what is required. This is supported by Dr Veijeren and Partners.

Treatment by specialist doctors, including support from auxiliary health professionals such as physiotherapists, as required.

Treatment and management of all injuries. This includes burns, hand, head and eye injuries.

Follow up visits and support to ensure employees return to work sooner.

However, for an employee to receive the necessary treatment and care at Mediclinic Newcastle, employers must be registered with the Compensation Fund.

Also, when the employee is on their way to the hospital, it is important to remember the following:

IOD patients must go directly to the Emergency Unit. Irrespective of the type of injury.

It is also important to remember the COID/FEMA/Employers report and registration number.

As far as possible, the injured employee must be escorted by his or her supervisor or duly appointed Health and Safety Representative,

It also remains the employer’s responsibility to hand in the necessary documentation to the Department of Labour or IOD broker.

After sustaining an injury on duty, the employee will undergo an assessment by a specialist doctor in the emergency centre. The employee will receive treatment or be discharged. Or be admitted to hospital if required.

Furthermore, as part of Mediclinic South Africa, ER24 Ambulance service is at the ready for the transfer of IOD patients.

With business representatives learning about the services that Mediclinic Newcastle offers, guest felt reassured that the hospit