Welcome to Mediclinic Welkom

Early access to correct treatment for injuries that were sustained while on duty (IODs), together with access to quality clinical care, referral to appropriate rehabilitation and follow-up visits, as well as referrals for specialists if needed, can ensure an earlier return to work for injured employees.

Mediclinic Welkom provides the following services to IOD patients:

  • A modern 24-hour Emergency Centre, which is fully equipped and staffed by competent and trained employees; (ER Consulting manages the practice and doctors manage the centre)
  • Radiological services, including X-ray, sonar, CT-scanning and MRI
  • Treatment by specialists as required, including support from auxiliary health professionals, such as physiotherapists
  • The treatment and management of all injuries, including burns, hand and head injuries
  • Follow-up visits and support to ensure that employees can return to work

Admitting an IOD patient

The employer must be registered with the Compensation Fund (and with CompEasy in order to claim) for employees to receive treatment and care at Mediclinic Welkom if they have sustained an injury on duty.

A specialist in the Emergency Centre will assess the employees’ injuries. Thereafter, they will receive treatment and be discharged or, if required, be admitted to the hospital for further treatment.

As part of Mediclinic Southern Africa, the ER24 ambulance service is available for the transfer of IOD patients should it be required.

Medication for IOD patients

Mediclinic Welkom’s pharmacy provides in-hospital medication as prescribed by specialists. If take-home medication is required, it will be issued for up to 14 days after discharge.

Documents necessary for admittance upon arrival

  • IOD patients go directly to the Emergency Unit, irrespective of their injury.
  • Patients must have a fully completed COID, FEMA, RMA employer’s report and registration number.
  • Patients must have an ID or a certified copy of their ID (displaying both sides of the document) with them, as well as a copy of their latest payslip.
  • Patients must have a valid letter of good standing on admission.
  • As far as possible, the injured employee must be escorted by his or her supervisor or duly appointed health and safety representative.
  • It remains the responsibility of both the employer and patient to hand in all correctly completed documentation along with the authorised claim number to the Department of Labour or to an IOD broker.

Follow-up visits and continued care

Mediclinic Welkom, together with ER Consulting, provides a dedicated IOD follow-up clinic at the Emergency Centre, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 07:00 to 09:00.

Appointments are made during the initial admission.

This ensures:

  • Timely follow-up to monitor progress
  • Special examinations as necessary
  • Access to the correct rehabilitation
  • Referral as necessary
  • Final reports to the employer
  • It remains the employer’s responsibility to obtain the claim number with approved status