Mediclinic is pleased to confirm that the much anticipated development of the new Mediclinic George facility situated on York Street has begun, with the official breaking of the soil hosted on 22 September 2023.

MC George
MC Geroge 2

“We are delighted to move forward with the construction. While there have been delays, it has been vital that we ensure everything is ready before commencing with the build. The construction is expected to take about two and a half years,” explains Kassie Karstens, Hospital General Manager of Mediclinic George.

The project will centralise the current Mediclinic George and Mediclinic Geneva services into one facility. By relocating the hospital’s services to a single venue, Mediclinic will offer our patients world class care, as well as expand our services and capacity to meet the needs of the community,” says Karstens. “Nearly all our doctors have made the decision to relocate with our hospital, and as such our community will continue to have access to all their trusted doctors in this centralised, modern location.”

The newly built hospital will offer all the services currently available, including independent radiology and pathology. An exciting addition will be a Catheterisation Lab with additional beds catering for cardiac patients. Another convenience for patients and family members will be the easy access to additional parking at the facility, as well as the close proximity of public transport.

The interior design of the hospital will incorporate elements of biophilic design (or elements of nature) into the built environment, such as natural materials, plants, and natural light. Current research suggests that biophilic design can have a number of benefits for patients and staff in a hospital, such as reduced stress, anxiety and pain. It can also improve sleep quality, cognitive function, and overall wellbeing. This will be incorporated into the interiors of the new hospital by including natural materials throughout the space, such as wood, stone, and plants. Natural light will be maximised by using large windows and skylights.

In addition, Mediclinic is seeking to source and produce as much of the material locally as possible, with an estimated 3 million bricks needed for the structure.

As part of Mediclinic’s ESG commitments, we continue to invest in renewable energy. The new hospital will include solar panels to ensure the new Mediclinic George is more energy efficient and sustainable, as well as the introduction of the latest digital technology to streamline the processes within the hospital. The current plans envisage the solar power able to reduce the reliance on normal electricity supply to at least half during the day, with 4 generators providing 24 hour operational load support including the hospital, radiology and other service departments.

The hospital will also house a dedicated waste sorting station, ensuring that all waste produced inside the hospital is directed for the most appropriate processing, a direct reflection of Mediclinic’s Zero Waste to Landfill by 2030 commitment.

Mediclinic George remains committed to providing all the care and expertise the community requires and is appreciative of the community for their understanding during the extended process of locating the best possible site to establish the new hospital. We look forward to a new era for health services in George and the Southern Cape.

Should you wish to utilise any of the above information, please quote Greg van Wyk, Chief Executive Officer of Mediclinic Southern Africa.


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