The group therapy programme is presented by Smuts D Occupational Therapists (Practice no: 0328278).

What to expect from occupational therapy:

You will first attend an introduction session in order to register as a patient of this practice. Terms and conditions of your participation will be discussed with you at this session.

We assist in your healing process by providing a balanced holistic therapeutic programme through group therapy sessions. These sessions ensure a safe and positive environment to allow healing at your own pace.

Optimal participation is encouraged by attending a balance between the different group therapy sessions provided. You may consult an Occupational Therapist/ Psychiatrist / Psychologist for assistance with selection.


Occupational group therapy sessions are billed separately and are settled according to your specific medical aid plan. The practice charges according to medical aid tariffs. It is advisable that you contact your medical aid directly as it remains your responsibility to confirm what they cover with regards to therapy.

Take note that all crafts groups have additional costs which are not covered by your medical aid. Material costs of a craft item must be paid in full when you start with it. Card facilities are available.
Parents or guardians of minors or assisted patients may leave money for this purpose with one of the therapists who will keep it in the safe and use as needed.

Come meet us at an introduction session and start your journey to well-being.