Denmar Pharmacy is situated on the ground floor of the administrative building of Denmar Specialist Psychiatric Hospital where it is easily accessible to both the nursing staff and to the patients. 

The main function of the pharmacy is to supply prescription medicines to the patients in the hospital. An extensive range of the latest psychiatric medicines available in South Africa is kept in stock as well as many other medicines for any other ailment which may be required by the patients.  

The patients’ medicines are checked on a daily basis by the nursing staff and prescriptions for any medicines required are sent to the pharmacy where it is filled by the pharmacist. Medicines not in stock are ordered immediately so that there is the shortest possible delay before the patients receive their medicine.  

The dispensed prescriptions are sent back to the nursing sisters in the wards whose responsibility it then is to give the correct doses at the correct intervals to the patients. The pharmacy also provides the medical stock for the wards and the clinic at the hospital. For the patients’ convenience a range of toiletries and popular English and Afrikaans weekly magazines are available for purchase. In case of emergency, a pharmacist on duty is on call.