Occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants deliver a key service to Mediclinic Crescent Mental Health Services.

We are passionate about the field of psychiatry and are dedicated to quality intervention and authentic interactions with our patients.

We firmly believe in the therapeutic benefits when following a multi-disciplinary team approach.

The programme specifically aims to fulfil  both a remedial and rehabilitative purpose , by facilitating  the patient’s recovery from acute symptoms to gaining skills to maintain their recovery. The ultimate aim of the programme is to assist the patient to achieve optimal functioning in all spheres of life and thereby improve quality of life.

Our focus is strongly on  self-awareness, readiness for change, experiential learning and practical life skills, which is facilitated through group and individual therapy sessions. We make use of the Collaborative Recovery Model to guide the intervention process. This model considers the individual’s own values and strengths, along with the direction that they wish to focus their recovery, to establish meaningful goals for admission and steps after admission that will promote the  recovery.

Upon admission our patients receive a workbook and are orientated and guided through a step-by-step process to understand the purpose of the occupational therapy programme and to identify the functional challenges that have been brought on by their condition. The occupational therapist then together with the patient will identify and discuss appropriate treatment goals that can be addressed through the programme. The patient is encouraged to use the workbook for daily reflection and to monitor their progress while in the Clinic.

All patients will receive individual follow up and support. Some may, however, require more individual therapy dependent on their own needs, current life-skills, abilities and their level of functioning. Should a patient be unable to attend the programme due to mental, cognitive or physical limitations, the occupational therapist will provide appropriate intervention within the occupational therapy scope.