Mediclinic understands that there is an increased use and abuse of mood altering drugs and substances as a result of growing demands and pressures of modern day society. The coping methods that we use to manage these everyday life issues can at times shift from regular, innocuous strategies to an unsustainable and destructive process. It may also be in the process of burn out and stress, that we reach for unhealthy coping mechanisms that may lead to a spiral of abuse and dependency. Our aim at Mediclinic Crescent Mental Health Services is to help the individual overcome the negative impact of debilitating substances and processes so that they can return to a life of greater freedom and improved health.

We aim to help our patients feel safe, to trust and take healthy therapeutic choices, to expose original root causes that started the destructive dependency process, and to focus on alternative and more constructive ways of living, within the compassionate and contained space of a therapeutic environment.

Outcomes of treatment include:

  • Improving overall physical and psychological wellbeing  and promoting wholesome social functioning
  • Creating a support network of clinical team members, family members and other members of the community so that the individual is supported in the recovery process during admission and after discharge
  • Establishing a healthier lifestyle, including aspects of nutrition, stress management and exercise
  • Connecting with an aftercare programme that patients can attend post-discharge on an out-patient basis that makes provision for regular follow-up and support
  • Educating existing support networks within the community so that a patient’s recovery is an integrated healing process.

The Programme


The programme is run by a dedicated and experienced clinical team consisting of a medical director, along with a multi-disciplinary team consisting of specialists in the field of addiction (clinical psychologists, social workers and counsellors). The unit also has a specialist coordinator that will assist each patient in the process of admission and during their stay.

The programme is completed within the safe therapeutic environment of Mediclinic Crescent Mental Health Services and is underpinned by the Twelve Steps Programme and a psychodynamic paradigm, making it a holistic approach that caters to the needs of each individual’s therapeutic goals within the programme.

The follow sessions and topics are covered in the programme:

  • Resolving denial
  • Differentiating between substance abuse and dependence
  • Components of the addictive personality
  • Faulty belief systems
  • Relapse prevention
  • Family and the process of enabling
  • Co-dependency
  • Adult children
  • Addiction in the workplace
  • Biochemistry of addiction
  • Family therapy in the form of conjoint meetings
  • Education of family
  • Friends and the individual in treatment
  • Interactive psychodynamic group therapy
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Marital counselling

All sessions within the programme are compulsory.

Inclusivity and Integration

During treatment strong emphasis is placed on involving the family, partners and employers in the treatment plan facilitated by collateral input and conjoint sessions.

We aim to de-stigmatise the illness of addiction, and integrate the chemically dependent individual back into society as early as possible. Encouraging the individuals to participate in established programmes such as the 12-step fellowships of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous enhances this process.

Mediclinic Crescent Mental Health Services has Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous speakers in addition to ex-patients, who share several evenings a week to address addiction issues with the patients on a more personal level.

Pre-admission and Detoxing

We support the treatment of individuals with dependencies on the use of substances of any nature. This also includes individuals who suffer more from processing addictions such as gambling or sex addiction. Our programme focuses on the understanding spiral into and the recovery strategies out of any addiction. Our belief is that no matter the negative personal emotions towards the addition, there is a path forward and a way out.

Each patient and their family will complete a pre-admission assessment with our director and coordinator. This determines their specific needs and requirements, and their appropriateness for the programme. It will also help the individual to settle into the programme more effectively.

At Mediclinic Crescent Mental Health Services we want to welcome each patient to this process of serenity, courage and wisdom. The often whirlwind and chaotic course of dependency can take anyone very far away from the life we want to live and the people we want to be. Here, we will start to guide and support any patient to get reclaim a healthy life for them and their loved ones.

Outpatient Programme

In addition to our inpatient programme we offer an effective six week outpatient addiction treatment programme designed for those who may not require inpatient residential treatment. Participation is required three times a week on Monday and Wednesday (15:30 - 17:00) and on a Saturday morning (09:00 - 10:15). In addition, attendance is expected at least once a week at a 12-step fellowship support group (Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous).

The programme has been specifically designed for an outpatient environment. Sessions include didactic elements as well as group therapy. Each participant is allocated a counsellor to guide them through the programme and ensure that therapeutic objectives are met. Individual counselling sessions are included and joint family or employer sessions when required.

The outpatient team includes a Clinical Social Worker and an addictions counsellor and the full back up of the Chemical Dependency Unit multidisciplinary team.

In addition there is a Family Programme every six weeks on a Saturday morning from 09:00 – 13:00.