General Psychiatry

The General Psychiatry Unit also called the Occupational Therapy (OT) programme houses the majority of patients in the facility and provides a group milieu programme for the treatment of patients suffering from illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder and various anxiety disorders. In the General Psychiatric Unit patients will have access to 24 hour nursing care.  Patients are accommodated in rooms of two, three or four beds, with the option of private suites. There is also an observation room near the nurses’ station in the main block for patients who require constant observation. Mediclinic Crescent Mental Health Services offer a home away from home and provides our patients with the opportunity to focus on recovery with limited interruptions of every day stressors and the optimum therapeutic support.

Therapeutic input

Both nursing care is supported by a psychiatrist and psychologists on a regular basis. They will ensure that individual needs around pharmacological input and psycho-therapy is managed.

Mediclinic Crescent Mental Health Services