Cardiac Unit

The cardiac unit is provided with highly specialised equipment, medicine and a multi-disciplinary heart team. The heart team consists of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, specialised anaesthetists, physiotherapists, dieticians, psychologists and experienced, professional nursing staff. Rehabilitation programmes are available and a cardiac support group assists patients and families after they have been discharged from hospital. A live satellite transmission of cases from the cardiac theatre has also been undertaken from this Cardiac Unit. It was a first for a hospital in the Western Cape, and Mediclinic Vergelegen's Heart Unit was specifically chosen for this purpose in recognition of the high standards maintained at the unit.

Emergency Centre

The 24 hour emergency centre is constantly manned by experienced medical doctors and registered nurses. We make use of the international triage system and each patient will be triaged and seen by the doctor accordingly. The unit endeavours to incorporate the patient's general practitioner in the further treatment of the patient.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The unit, equipped with the latest medical equipment and technology, comprises high and intensive care beds, and special isolation units, served by highly specialised and dedicated medical specialists and nursing personnel who play an essential role in the treatment and care of the babies within this unit. The unit has a “developmental care” and baby-friendly approach and promotes “Kangaroo Mother Care” for growing babies, actively involving the mother in the care of her baby.

Mediclinic Renal Services (coming soon) 

Mediclinic Renal Services offers renal services for the early onset of kidney disease, and care for both chronic and acute kidney conditions in patients requiring renal dialysis. Acute kidney conditions require hospital admission, and as such, our renal care services will be accessible to hospitalised patients. With our chronic kidney disease patients, we not only offer unit based haemodialysis, but also home based Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) as an alternative to perform dialysis in the comfort of their own homes. Click here to visit the official page.

Specialised Clinics

  1. Antenatal clinic
  2. Heart unit
  3. 24 hour stroke treatment clinic
  4. Pain management clinic
  5. Pre-admission clinic
  6. Woundcare clinic

Please direct all enquiries to the Patient Experience Manager.

Specialised Services

  1. Catheterisation Laboratory (cathlab)
  2. Radiology
  3. CT Scan
  4. MRI
  5. Pathology

Supplementary Services

  1. Renal Dialysis
  2. Oncology
  3. Dieticians
  4. Physiotherapy