Mediclinic Hermanus’ leading edge 24-hour Emergency Centre is manned by a professional, multidisciplinary team who have extensive experience in emergency care. They are supported by well-trained, emergency care skilled nursing staff and specialists.

To ensure effective and quality care, the Emergency Centre makes use of the international triage system which prioritises patients based on clinical urgency, rather than order of arrival. The triage system helps facilitate timeous medical treatment, reduces waiting times, and improves patient flow.

The Emergency Centre hosts:

  • 24-hour access to radiology and pathology
  • 24-hour multidisciplinary team on call
  • A dedicated triage room
  • A five-bed open-plan consulting area
  • A resuscitation room
  •  A stroke-ready facility that can stabilise and treat stroke patients
  • Additional private consulting rooms
  • On-call specialists