Stay & Visit

COVID-19 Visiting Hours
Mediclinic recognises as a result of the evolution of the pandemic, many provinces appear to have passed the peak of the pandemic. For this reason, many Mediclinic facilities are opening up specific areas of the hospital to a limited visitor window with any visitor always being subject to appropriate screening at the hospital Access control point.

General visiting hours are constantly being reviewed at each facility. Please consult your specific hospital page to understand the current visiting hours applicable.

As a minimum, the following visitors’ measures are in place at all hospitals:

  • Visits to Neonatal ICU (one parent at a time) 
  • Visits to paediatric unit (one parent may live in with the child) 
  • Visits to maternity unit (well father / partner may visit) 
  • Visits to critically ill patients (visits per arrangement with the unit manager)

Staying In Touch With Patients
Where family is not yet able to visit, we encourage you to contact patients via mobile phone; alternatively, phone the hospital and request to speak to him/her. Direct relatives will be updated on the condition of the patient by our staff. Please be assured that we will do our utmost to make patients feel as comfortable and safe as possible and to keep you in virtual contact with him/her to the best of our ability.

Our Facilities

Support groups

  1. Cardio support programme
  2. Diabetes support group
  3. Post-natal classes


  1. ATM
  2. Café
  3. Florist
  4. Hairdressing
  5. Pharmacy
  6. Restaurant & Coffee Shop
  7. Radio
  8. Television
  9. Free Wifi (Fair Usage)

Please direct all enquiries to the administrative assistant or the unit manager.